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11/05/08 07:37 AM #1    

Patrick Bettenberg

Welcome to the Cathedral High School Class Of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/02/08 03:26 PM #2    

Sandra Becker (Theisen)

I am totally amazed by the number of our classmates who have passed away. There are some I did not know about until now. I feel sad, many of them went Saint Mary's Grade School and to CHS together with a lot of us. Peace!

12/04/08 09:16 PM #3    

Ruth O'Connell

This site is terrific! Congratulations!

01/03/09 01:31 PM #4    

Fred Rupp


It is Saturday morning and I am going through the names of our classmates and bringing many wonderful memories alive that have been dormant for a long time.

02/05/09 01:58 PM #5    

John Justin

I check the site often. It is well done and easy to navigate. Great Job

02/05/09 05:07 PM #6    


Jerry Gohl

Pat Bettenberg... Good job in setting this up... We need more of our classmates to update their profiles... with pictures of course... me included... Ruth O'Connell.. do you still remember my cousin... Curt Rastetter???

02/07/09 12:06 AM #7    

Ruth O'Connell

Indeed, Jerry, I am still "neighbors" w/your cousin Curt. Small world. To other CHS 69 Californians, I live in Orange County; to other CHSers, I live 18 miles from Disneyland!
Yep! Pat - thank-you for the excellent site. Great warm-up for the reunion.
Regarding the faculty- anybody aware of whereabouts? Or memorials? I still keep in touch w/Mrs Dobbs. Widowed, remarried & still very active.
What's the skivvy on Fr Gordian?

02/13/09 10:35 AM #8    

Sandra Becker (Theisen)

I check this site every week hoping more have posted pictures and updates. It's a great site and am looking forward to more classmates posting. Thanks for setting this up.

03/01/09 08:50 PM #9    

John Justin

Any classmates who are TECites (Central Mn Together encountering Christ) From Little Falls area?

03/05/09 09:13 AM #10    


Jerry Gohl

To all you Phil Welter Mixed Chorus classmates... I was cleaning out my den and found the old 33.3 CHS Christmas album; 'Music of Christmas'. Does anyone remember what year we recorded that album... out at St. Ben's I believe??

03/17/09 05:36 PM #11    

Rev. Steve Binsfeld

The Christmas album was made when we were sophomores, I believe, at St. Ben's.

03/19/09 05:15 PM #12    


Jerry Gohl

I should have known Fr. Steve would come up with the answer to my 'Mixed Chorus' question... The Fall of 1966. "Those Were the Days My Friend".... I thought they'd never end!!

03/24/09 05:26 PM #13    


Jerry Gohl

We need to see many more of those black little 'cameras' by your individual Classmate Profile. Give us your best 'shot'. Some of us change very little after 40 years; Like Wendy Parent. Nice photo!

03/26/09 10:54 PM #14    

Ruth O'Connell

What's up w/the Father Gordian picture?

03/27/09 03:57 PM #15    


Jerry Gohl

Ruth O'C: You asked that same question about Fr. Gordian back on Feb. 6th? What did happen to Fr. Gordian after we graduated in 69? Let's see... he would be how old now...?? I know Roger 'Froggy' Gohl is deceased. He was paralyzed for a number of years before he passed. Fell out of a tree that he was trimming. Very sad!

04/10/09 02:36 PM #16    


Jerry Gohl

How do we get more of our classmates to update their profile on this 'fun' Class of 69 site? It's fun E-mailing back n forth to classmates who have a profile established. And.... don't forget the photos!!! Happy Spring!!!!!

04/11/09 11:49 AM #17    

John Justin

If we want classmates to send in their profiles we will have to talk personnally with those we know. It is a great site, but word of mouth is still the best way to reach people.

Happy and Glorious Easter, May God continue to bless us all.

04/12/09 12:01 PM #18    

Ruth O'Connell

Amen. ALLELUIA!!!!

04/13/09 02:43 PM #19    


Jerry Gohl

John Justin... You are probably right... Although, I did get Tom Kremer to add some photos to his site... Then you have Buzz Schleper.. who just keeps adding and adding more photos... Ruth OC... still waiting for your photos to arrive.... I still think Pat and Mary need to give out some corny door prize to that classmate who has the best overall profile... by the time our reunion rolls around in August...

05/22/09 03:30 PM #20    


Jerry Gohl

Let's all remember this Memorial Day weekend, the 20 'Class of 69' classmates who have passed on before us. I will especially be remembering my two Sauk Rapids classmates... Kathy Perrier and Therese Walznak.

06/15/09 12:15 PM #21    


Thomas Kremer

Lots of faculty questions. Of course many are quite old now. Sr. Michaela is over at St. Benedict's Retirement Center in St. Cloud. Phil Welter I still think lives in St. Joseph. Larry Haws for those not around St. Cloud is a the state representative from St. Cloud. Jack Wieber died a couple years ago. Jerry Vos retired from teaching some years ago at Apollo and is in the area. Fr Spicer whom many of us remember passed away quite some time ago. Sr. Judine died last summer.

06/18/09 04:27 PM #22    


Jerry Gohl

Tom... Great job on the 'Faculty Status Report'. Is Phil Welter still associated with the Music Dept. at St. Ben's? What about Mrs. Hoffman? I think Mr. Zierbes(sp?) Soph. Biology.. still lives over in East St. Cloud.. somewhere..

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